Dr. Katherine E. Evans, DVM, CVA

Dr. Katherine Evans and her dog KayleeKathy Evans with Kayle

After graduating in 1992 from the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, I escaped the heat and moved to the heart of the big city, Washington, DC. Initially hoping to find an equine veterinary job in Northern Virginia, fate intervened and I found myself working at a small animal clinic in Arlington, Virginia. For three years I had the pleasure of working with the best staff and most skilled doctors imaginable. I learned through example how to practice quality, compassionate medicine.

After my first year in practice a client brought her geriatric arthritic dog to see me. The owner was already using pain medication and surgery was not an option. She looked at me and asked what do we do now? Not having an answer for her prompted me to search for my own. It was at that point that I pursued my acupuncture training, hoping to provide an answer for that client and many other patients that were not well served by pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.

In 1994 I completed my acupuncture training through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS). During that training I adopted a 7 month old black lab with severe hip and elbow dysplasia. “Alpha” became my first acupuncture patient along with any friend willing to sit through the acupuncture needling. Alpha had had surgery on both her hips and her elbows, but remained inactive due to pain. After just one acupuncture treatment, my friend enthusiastically proclaimed that she could now jump on the bed, a feat she had not accomplished since we had her! I was at once both awestruck and convinced that acupuncture worked.

After 3 years in Virginia, I moved to New Hampshire to find a slower pace to life and to live closer to nature. Throughout the years I was given so many opportunities and it is with gratitude that I look at those years and the people who touched my heart. By 1998 I was ready to venture out on my own and that is when the Holistic Veterinary Center was created, thanks mostly to a caring and persistent holistic believer, the late Sandy Sanel.

Over the years the practice has grown. It is with so much excitement and enthusiasm that I’ve witnessed the growth of holistic medicine for both pets and people. None of my personal growth would have been possible without the help of many loving, supportive people. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to Jaimee Walters who was my first full time employee and entrepreneur and to Judi Wishart, Dr. Judy Leclerc and Stacey Allard, my current co-workers sharing my journey into holistic healing for companion animals.


Kathy on Miel de Rose and
Kelly on Sarabobara

My canine companion of 13 years, Kayle, left this earth at the end of August 2013. Her passion was mountain biking and her skill was finding narrow, single track trails that I would have over-looked. She was a gift from the Universe, and I am forever thankful that I got to share her journey in life.

My current four-legged teachers include "The Girls", Miel de Rose (Rose) and Sarabobara (Sara), both off the track thoroughbred horses who are teaching me patience and persistence.

And my newest companion, K.C. (also known as KFC for those with a sense of humor) is a lab-retriever rescue from Louisiana. K.C. has a kind, generous heart. We are learning how to live this life together.

The blessings of the world are continually unfolding through the people, the places, the animals and the events in my life. Thanks you all for sharing the journey. Namaste.


Judith D. Leclerc, DVM

Judith Leclerc, DVM with her dog MooseI am a native of NH, raised in Manchester. Growing up involved horses, dogs, cats and various other animals. I worked for a local vet in high school and always wanted to be a veterinarian, but got distracted by other careers and life in general along the way. After graduating from college with a degree in psychology in 1980, I moved to Virginia. Banking was my career for many years, leaving the Internal Auditing department for other pursuits. Re-visiting a career in veterinary medicine, I went back to work as a technician while taking all the necessary science classes. The practice I was working for had a veterinarian who performed acupuncture. Seeing some of those dogs hobbling in and walking out was so amazing. I knew I would take the acupuncture course after veterinary school. Seeking out alternative treatments to my own health issues reinforced this interest.

I attended Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 2000. After my 20 year stint in a much kinder climate, I moved back to NH to take care of an aging father and start my career as a veterinarian. Everything happens for a reason and I was welcomed back by friends and relatives that hadn’t been a part of my life for a long time. I have come full circle. I completed my acupuncture training through IVAS in 2005. I was fortunate to find Dr. Evans and completed my internship with her. I was honored to be asked to join her in practice. Being able to offer alternative options and complementary support for our companions in pain and discomfort is invaluable. It really is all about quality of life!

It is wonderful to have clients so open to the options we offer. The dedication and bond of people to their companions is remarkable. In addition to practicing holistic medicine, I work at the Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester and the Manchester Animal Shelter. Three very different approaches to medicine and all equally challenging.

Abby among the flowersIn my spare time, I kayak, hike, bike, and spend as much time outside as I can. My constant companion is my dog Moose, who is lucky enough to be allowed to come to work with me. Actually, I am the lucky one to have come across this wonderful creature. I love to travel and I am trying to spend some time exploring our planet and observing wildlife in all it’s forms. I have a special interest in wildlife photography as well and the two blend nicely together. I have 5 cats at home, all rescued from some unfortunate episode or another. Yes, I am at my limit! I used to be a cat person, now I’m a cat and dog person.

I am looking forward to helping you heal and ease your companion’s dis-ease. I feel very fortunate to be involved with the people here at the Holistic Veterinary Center and to be involved in my client’s and patient’s lives.

Stacey E. Allard

Stacy Allard with her Golden RetrieversI started coming to the Holistic Veterinary Center in 1998 as a patient with my first Golden Retriever for treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, when everything else I had tried, had failed to help her. (I got another great 3 years with her thanks to Dr. Evans). After seeing how well she responded to holistic treatment, I started bringing all my pets to see Dr. Evans for general wellness check ups. In August of 2000, I accepted the position of being Dr. Evan’s technician.

My job currently has me assisting Dr. Evans and Dr. Leclerc in all office appointments, and surgeries. I also will help with the front desk duties of answering and returning phone calls, and checking patients in and out whenever needed.

I currently have 2 Golden Retrievers, Lyric and Joshua, 1 rescue Beagle, named Joseph and 1 cat named Beckett. All of whom keep me incredibly busy

Outside of work, when I’m not out competing with the dogs, I enjoy kayaking, hiking, and skiing.


Judi Wishart

Judi WishartI first came to the Holistic Veterinary Center in 1998 as a client with a sick cat. Fearless Freep had recently suffered a urinary blockage and was not recovering well. With a combination of herbs, weight loss, surgery and diet change, he recovered fully from his urinary problems and had six more years of good health. While coming in with him, I saw that there were lots. of things I could do that would free up the tech to do the things she was trained for, so I came in as a volunteer one afternoon a week early in 1999 and gradually worked up to full-time receptionist.

I have a BA in English with a minor in Environmental Sciences from the University of Rhode Island, and a Phi Beta Kappa Key (with my name misspelled). My previous work experience was mostly in leasing and the legal aspects of real estate, as well as a few years owning a restaurant with my husband, Bill. (My restaurant career was, thankfully, fairly short. Bill's is still ongoing). Real estate and food service are both high stress careers. Here, on a stressful day I still get puppy kisses, which we all know are great stress relievers.

I love being around the animals, and I learn new things every day. Auntie Judi gets to hold all the kittens and puppies, and some of the elderly cats and smaller dogs sit in my lap while they wait to see the doctor. I've seen some sad things and some wonderful things in this office, and I've learned many things that I apply to my own health. I know what it's like to be an owner with a sick animal companion, and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to help others in the same situation, whether by setting up an appointment, getting answers to their questions, or by talking them through something on the phone.

Gary Cooper and MickeyBill and I have been married for 30 years, and live in Concord with three cats. Scamper Elizabeth is a small eight-year-old black and white who came to us as mostly feral. She's come a long way and is a sweet, intelligent little girl who loves to head-butt and sleep in my lap. After we lost Sam in December of2011, Gary Cooper - Coop - came to us in February of2012 as a two year old black and white tuxedo boy. Unfortunately, Scamper and Cooper, who has a more firey personality, do not get along and must be kept separated. This meant Coop wasn't getting enough attention, so we got him a kitten, a sweet tan and white boy whose name is Mickey Crazypants. The boys did well from the start, wrestling, running, napping together. Scamper has accepted Mickey as a friend and playmate who she can sometimes boss around. We're still working on Scamper and Cooper and are hoping for eventual peaceful coexistence.

Gary Cooper and MickeyMy interests include quilting, knitting and other creative ventures as well as working with pen-and-ink and watercolor, especially pet portraits. I usually have some assistance or at least supervision from the cats. They like to help me practice yoga, and they really like to help when we're cooking, but they don't really care to come canoeing on the Merrimack or hiking in the woods with Bill and me! You'Il find more about the adventures of Sam and Scamper at "Sam's Story", and continuing adventures of Scamper, Cooper and Mickey at "Clicker Training with Cats".


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