Sam  - Early 2012

Sam - he was lovedWe said goodbye to our beautiful Sam on Christmas Eve.

Within a few days of finishing the last installment of Sam's Story, he began to have weakness in his back end. He had some falls and his eye pressures went up. We increased his eye meds and tried herbals, homeopathics, chiropractic, and acupuncture with each helping some for a while, but the weakness increased. He had some loss of feeling and control over his right side, and his eyesight diminished. There were times when he clearly could not see, and times when he just seemed disoriented. Eventually we went to steroids, which helped a little at first and then not. We suspect he had a brain tumor, but chose not to put him through a neurological workup. Sam had made it very clear through the animal communicator that he did not want any invasive/heroic efforts to save him, and his FIV would have made it more difficult for him to recover from any surgery or testing. He was an old soul in a body that was wearing out. Fortunately for Bill and me, Dr. Judy was on duty at the emergency clinic and helped us gently let him go.

Our formerly feral Scamper Elizabeth has become my little shadow, having transferred her head-butting from Sam to me when he was painful. She now occupies his place in my lap in the evenings and any other time she can get me to sit down. (So much for not being able to tame a feral cat - a lot of the credit for that goes to Sam.) We'll retest her for FIV and when the Christmas tree comes down near the end of January, we'll start looking for a new friend for her. Each cat is a unique individual, very special in his or her own way, deeply loved and dearly missed. We won't be looking for a "replacement" for Sam, but we are definitely a two cat family and we'll all need a new friend. Heartfelt thanks to all Sam's cyberfriends and to the wonderful doctors who helped him.

And so, here ends Sam's Story. Goodnight, sweet boy.


Sam's Story continued



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